BreakWater X Home

For years, marine fabricators and boating enthusiasts have been searching for
an innovative PVC fabric that would look better, last longer and resist hardening.

Our product development team looked to the architectural market. Knowing that
PVC coated fabrics lasted 20 to 30 years on stadium roofs, we wanted to build on that
technology to extend the service life of marine fabrics. We engineered BreakWater X™
to withstand the harshest conditions on any boat. BreakWater X stands up to UV rays,
salt spray, heat, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at it. Our ten year warranty is
double that given for most conventional PVC coated fabrics. Our high tenacity base fabric
is unmatched in its strength, providing double the tear strength and 20% higher tensile

strength over conventional PVC fabrics. BreakWater X remains soft and pliable over
time and will never crack, flake, or peel. It can be welded, glued, or sewn with ease
for versatility in fabrication. BreakWater X is perfect for lace-on tops, permanent
and semi-permanent tops, as well as enclosures.

IBEX Innovation Award
Safety Components, Inc. recently won an Innovation Award for its revolutionary
Breakwater X PVC alloy fabric, in the Boatbuilding Methods & Materials category.

The award was presented at the 2013 International BoatBuilders Exhibition &
Conference (IBEX). Organized by the National Marine Manufacturers Association
(NMMA), the IBEX Innovation Awards are judged by a panel of experienced technical
boating journalists and editors from Boating Writers International (BWI). IBEX created
the Innovation Awards to recognize significant contributions to marine product technology.