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What is BreakWater X?
Care and Cleaning

What is BreakWater X?
BreakWater X is a unique, revolutionary coated marine fabric. It is made up of a base cloth, or scrim, woven from super high tenacity synthetic polymers constructed primarily for strength, both initially and over time. It is coated with a combination, or alloy, of advanced polymers that have been in use for years in architecture but have never been modified for use in a marine environment. This alloy does not require plasticizers to remain pliable over time, leading to a longer life for the coating and, therefore, the fabric.

What Makes the Scrim in BreakWater X Different?
As with many of our products, we have taken an existing technology and adapted it to increase the performance of a product in a different application. We have taken a super high tenacity polyester utilized in another market and employed it in the woven base cloth in BreakWater X. These yarns have a much higher breaking and tear strength than normal industrial polyesters even at a smaller size. These smaller size yarns help us keep the weight of the finished product down and allow us to make a thinner product while also adding to the durability and tear resistance of BreakWater X.

Why Does the Coating on BreakWater X Last Twice as Long as any Conventional PVC Coated Marine Fabric?
Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, is a naturally hard and brittle polymer that has to be converted to a liquid state in order to undergo the coating process. This conversion to liquid is achieved by adding chemicals known as plasticizers into the PVC. Over time, these plasticizers migrate out of the PVC coating due to exposure to UV rays and other elements that are common in marine applications. As the plasticizers are lost, the PVC reverts to its original state, re-hardening and causing cracking, flaking, or peeling in the coating. This separation from the scrim not only looks bad, but it effectively ends the protective life of the fabric. BreakWater X utilizes a naturally soft polymer combined with the PVC for its coating, so it doesn’t rely on plasticizers to stay soft. This durable coating allows BreakWater X to maintain its original look and feel for significantly longer than any other marine PVC coated fabric.

Is there a Lighter Version of BreakWater X?
At this time, there is not a lighter version of BreakWater X. While not relying on plasticizers leads to a much longer life span both structurally and aesthetically on semi-permanent installations, it also means that the flexibility of the product goes down slightly and wrinkles won’t come out as quickly. Safety Components is constantly examining new technologies and may offer a lighter version in the future.

What Colors are Offered for BreakWater X?
BreakWater X is currently offered in the three most common colors for the marine industry: Natural, Pure White, and Cream. This limited color selection, however, will match the majority of gelcoats, and we will continue to develop new colors as the market dictates.

What Type of Edge/Selvedge?
BreakWater X comes in 60" and 76" rolls for Natural and Pure White and 60" for the Cream with a fused selvedge, allowing fabricators to use it right off the roll. Because of the coating, you can cut BreakWater X with scissors or a hot knife.

How is BreakWater X Shipped?
BreakWater X comes standard in 50 yard rolls for the 60" width and 30 yard rolls for the 76" width. Cut yardage is available through our distributors.

Will BreakWater X Peel Away from the Base Cloth Over Time?
No, BreakWater X is a coated fabric. Laminated PVC’s are prone to delamination but it is extremely rare for a high-end coated fabric to delaminate.

Will BreakWater X Degrade Over Time?
All polymers degrade over time. However, BreakWater X is more stable than PVC fabrics and is built to withstand UV, salt water, heat and anything else Mother Nature will throw at it. After many years of exposure, you might notice a slight softening of the alloy but it will not affect the performance of the fabric.

Is BreakWater X Waterproof?
Short answer is yes. However, any sewn fabrics can have leaking points at the stitch line.

Is BreakWater X Impervious to Mildew?
BreakWater X has fungicides added to the coating to limit mildew growth. However, proper care and cleaning is required to keep mildew from growing on dirt and debris sitting on the coating. As with any outdoor fabric, proper care is essential to maximizing the life of the fabric.

Can You Weld BreakWater X?
Yes, BreakWater X can be welded by wedge, hot air, impulse or RF. It can also be welded with most adhesives used in the marine industry for PVC.

Can BreakWater X be Sewn?
Yes. No special thread or needle is required.

Care and Cleaning
How Do I Clean My BreakWater X?
Can I Use Bleach on Bad Stains or Mildew?
Yes, use one part bleach to 50 parts water and follow the same procedure for commercial PVC cleaners. It is important to ensure all the bleach solution has been rinsed away.