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Glide™, the specified protection for more US metro fire departments than any
other thermal liner, just got better. Glide Ice, feels cool with its ice blue design

woven in Safety Components’ patented weave that combines 60% DuPont™ Nomex®
filament yarns with 40% Nomex®/Lenzing FR® spun yarns. It is the DuPont™ Nomex®
filament that allows Glide Ice to exhibit superior performance in slickness for freedom
of movement, flexibility for enhanced mobility, and fast dry times for the busy departments.

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Prism™  —  Click to View Product Page
Prism is a lightweight, inherently flame resistant thermal liner composite that uses
Safety Components’ proprietary and patented Sigma™ yarn technology. Prism is
woven into a technical dobby raindrop pattern, designed to channel moisture away
from the firefighter. Chosen specifically by the USMC for its next generation
combat shirt and the US Army for its Level V wet weather parka. Prism keeps
the warrior and the firefighter protected, cooler and more comfortable.

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Bravo is a patent pending, revolutionary four fiber blended fabric originally
designed as a fire resistant fabric for battle dress uniforms. Safety Components

brings this same patent pending fabric technology to the fire service as an affordable,
durable, and comfortable fire fighting thermal liner. Bravo brings together the best
properties of each fiber to create a durable, protective fabric, with a high level of
comfort and wick-ability. Bravo does all this while at an affordable price—even with a
2-layer spunlace batting system.

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