Armor AP
For decades, fire departments choosing outer shells made of 40% DuPont™
Nomex®/60% DuPont™ Kevlar® have been limited to stiff and uncomfortable gear.
Utilizing the groundbreaking Filament Twill Technology™ used in PBI Max, Safety

Components developed Armor AP™ to fill the needs of firefighters who prefer
improved mobility, improved durability, and lightweight protection at an
economical price.

Twill Weave Design
Our innovative Twill Weave allows us to deliver lighter, stronger and more flexible
flame resistant fabrics with enhanced ergonomics. These next generation personal
protective fabrics, woven with filament and spun yarns in a unique twill design 
are making traditional fabrics made of 90 - 100% spun yarns, in a rip-stop
weave a thing of the past.

Safety Components developed the world-renowned, industry leading PBI outer
shell fabric: PBI Max™. The PBI Max patented design offers firefighters the
best combination of break open and thermal protection, the strongest outer shell
fabric in the world, and the most flexible and comfortable outer shell fabric the fire

service has ever seen. PBI Max is the only outer shell that delivers triple-threat
performance – unmatched protection, unmatched durability, and unmatched comfort.

Filament Twill Technology
Filament Twill Technology™, developed and patented by Safety Components,
combines solution dyed DuPont Nomex® and DuPont Kevlar® to form a new
breed of lightweight, flexible fabrics. Filament Twill Technology can be found in
outer shells like PBI Max™ and Armor AP™ and in thermal liners like Glide™.

Kevlar Filament
DuPont™ Kevlar® filament was used to provide Americas’ troops with the best
in body and hard armor, including ballistic vests, helmets, plates and armored
vehicles. Safety Components was the first to employ this same ballistic grade
Kevlar filament in outer shell fabrics. This revolutionary blend of military grade
filament Kevlar and producer dyed Nomex/Kevlar fibers came together to deliver
higher reinforcements against rips, tears and abrasion.

Solution Dyed Fabric
We pioneered the use of solution dyed technology in high performance fibers for
long-lasting, consistent color and strength performance against ultraviolet and
radiant heat damage. Better strength and better color. Solution dyed fibers have
color inserted through the fiber bundle maintaining the fiber strength rather
than traditional fabric dyeing, which puts color on the outer layers using heat
and pressure which damages the fibers and weakens the fabric.

Water, Chemical & Fuel Repellency
Patented and globally recognized Teflon® F.P.P.E. is another protective
innovation from the fire service technology leaders at Safety Components.
We were first to recognize, first to develop, first to market, first to patent and
first to perfect water repellent technology. Less water absorption means you have
less weight to carry and reduced heat stress. The result is drier, lighter, more
abrasion resistant gear.