Sigma 4 Star™ Fire Retardant Fabrics
Sigma 4 Star FR fabrics represent the latest technology from Safety
Components and the ITG military group. By leveraging our technology
leadership position achieved in the commercial firefighting market with one of
the largest and most diverse apparel fabric producers in the world, we present
Sigma 4 Star protective fabric as the ultimate in FR battle dress protection,
comfort and durability. A wide variety of finished weight
options are available, ranging from 2.9 to 7.0 oz/yd².

BodyShield™ Composite Technology
BodyShield composite technology is a patent-pending flame resistant insulative
garment system. The combination of Stealth™ outer shell fabric technology and
Versatech® FR lining technology coupled with the BodyShield FR insulating
composite technology provides maximum protection against the elements in
extreme cold weather conditions, superior FR and near infrared protection,
while maintaining the proper balance of breathability, warmth, packability,
and aesthetics.

Nomex Military Fabrics
Building upon a manufacturing heritage that spans more than 100 years,
Safety Components engineers a range of natural or producer-colored Nomex®
products for military end uses. Our manufacturing capability includes fabrics
for pilots’ and combat vehicle crewmen’s coveralls as well as the latest in FR
industrial workwear and structural firefighting gear.

Technical Military Fabrics
Safety Components produces a variety of technical fabrics for the military.
These products include various mil spec end uses, ballistic fabrics, fuel cells,
polyester tentage, and numerous other applications using nylon, polyester,
and aramid yarns. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to partner and
develop any new fabrics based on customer requirements.