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Specify PBI Max™
Safety Compoenents' Filament Twill Technology™ utilizing Para-Aramid filament
allows you to do more, more comfortably. Stay focused on the tasks at hand—
all without the stiffness and stress experienced with conventional outer shells.
The PBI Max outer shell shall be “PBI Max” designed in a light weight,
6 oz (205g)/yard² twill weave. Outer shell shall be constructed with 70%
“PBI Dominant” PBI/Para-Aramid spun yarns and 30% 600 Denier Para-
Aramid Filament yarns. A F-PPE durable fuel/chemical/water repellent
finish shall be applied to the outer shell. PBI Max is available in Gold,
Black, and Navy. Black and Navy fabrics must be Solution or Producer
Dyed — fabric dyed is unacceptable.

PBI Max is the only outer shell that delivers triple-threat performance -
unmatched protection, unmatched durability, and unmatched comfort.

PBI Max, Breaking All The Rules
Listed below are a few ways in which PBI Max goes against the laws of conventional thinking and laboratory testing:

Tensile Strength after TPP Exposure
(ASTM D 5035)

Breaking Force and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Strip Method).
Test in which a fabric is stretched in one direction to determine
its breaking load and elongation after it has been exposed to a

combination of radiant and convective heat sources.

Ball Burst Strength
(ASTM D 3787)

The ball burst strength is the force or pressure required to
rupture a fabric by distending it with a force, applied at right
angles to the plane of the fabric using a polished steel ball
after it has been through laundering and exposed to a
combination of radiant and convective heat sources.

Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Trapezoid Procedure
(ASTM D 5587)

The Tear resistance of a fabric is its capacity to withstand the
tearing force required to propagate a tear after its initiation.

Para-Aramid Filament Reinforced Fabrics:
The Best Made Better
PBI Max incorporates 30% 400 denier Para-Aramid filaments
(3 times more filament rip-stopping power than competitive
PBI outer shells). In addition to triple the Para-Aramid filament
content, PBI Max exclusively uses 400 denier ballistic Para-
Aramid filament. The powerful combination of this design

increases PBI Max’s tear resistance beyond historic
comprehension; up to 4 times greater trap tear strength than
competitive fabrics. For maximum durability against the
hazards firefighters see day-in and day-out (radiant heat,
laundering, ultraviolet light), specify PBI Max outer shell.

DuPont™ Teflon® F-PPE
Our patented DuPont Teflon F-PPE finish delivers the world’s
best durable water repellent finish for drier, lighter, more
durable gear. Drier gear means reduced water absorption,
lighter weight, and faster drying times. It also means drier
gear for your second and third run of the day. Lower your
workload and put more energy toward fighting the fire
with less stress.