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Specify PBI Max™
Ask any firefighter what they look for in an outer shell and they will mention the
same three things: Protection, Durability, and Comfort. To improve on PBI Matrix®
and design a fabric with even better performance was thought by many to be
just science fiction. That is, until we saw into the future.

Safety Components is proud to introduce the next generation in a stellar
history of PBI outer shell fabrics: PBI Max™. The PBI Max patented design
offers firefighters the best combination of break open and thermal protection,

the strongest outer shell fabric in the world, and the most flexible and
comfortable outer shell fabric the fire service has ever seen.

PBI Max is the only outer shell that delivers triple-threat performance—
unmatched protection, unmatched durability, and unmatched comfort.

Filament Twill Technology
Technology in PPE has advanced at an amazing rate over the last few years.
Lighter, stronger, more flexible FR fabrics coupled with ergonomic garment designs
have revolutionized the way firefighters perform while wearing turnout gear.
Filament Twill Technology™ (click diagram below), developed by Safety Components,
has been adopted by more large metro cities over the last few years than any other
PBI outer shell. Flexible fabrics woven with filament and spun yarns in an exclusive
twill weave design are making rip-stop fabrics a thing of the past.

Improved Durability
Most firefighters agree longevity in turnout gear comes from better tear strength. While some companies try to spin abrasion
as the most important indicator of durability, turnout gear isn’t retired from holes due to abrasion. Turnout gear is retired when
it starts ripping and tearing from “wear and tear” and UV degradation. 600 denier DuPont™ Kevlar® filament allows PBI Max™
to resist tearing (click chart 1 below) for a longer period of time than traditional outer shells like TenCate Gemini™ XT,
TenCate Kombat™ Flex, TenCate Advance Ultra®, and TenCate Millenia™.

Improved Comfort/Flexibility
Protection and durability are important characteristics of any outer shell...but so is comfort and flexibility. Better comfort and
flexibility (click chart 2 above) lead to better mobility. Better mobility can make all the difference in a life threatening situation.
Firefighters looking for premium protection no longer have to sacrifice mobility... with PBI Max, mobility is possible.