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PBI Max™ Exclusive 5 Year Warranty
Safety Components will place a 5-year warranty on all Safety Components structural
fire fighting fabrics against defects in materials and workmanship. It is expected
that any defects would surface within a 5-year period and if so the material
would be replaced/repaired by Safety Components.

The Safety Components warranty does not cover rips, tears, or holes
resulting from normal wear and tear expected to occur during normal
firefighter activities. Normal firefighter activities include but are not limited
to recruit school, training activities, and response to fire/EMS/traffic calls.
Holes in the outer shell resulting from tools puncturing through pockets are
expected and considered normal wear. In addition, degradation resulting from
UV, chemicals, and direct heat/flame are considered normal and not covered
under the warranty.

It should be noted that fabrics are not warranted against change in color. All flame
resistant fabrics, regardless of color, will experience a shift in color. Gold/Natural
colored fabrics will darken after exposure to light through a process called oxidation.
Depending on garment storage, oxidation may occur uniformly or it may occur in specific
areas/panels receiving more light. All black outer shells will fade to charcoal after exposure
to wash/wear; a red tint will appear after exposure to light. A shift in color alone does not
mean the material has experienced a loss of protection or durability performance. Any fabric
containing PBI, PBO, meta-aramid (DuPont™ Nomex®, Tejinconex®), para-aramid (DuPont™
Kevlar®, Tejin Twaron®, Tejin Technora®) will experience a change in color, regardless
of the textile manufacturer.

Safety Components has been manufacturing textiles for over 100 years. Companies only
stay in business that long if they stand behind their product and commit to exceeding
customer satisfaction. Safety Components is proud to offer this warranty and looks
forward to supplying the fire service with flame resistant fabrics for many years to come.