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You Don't Have to be Uncomfortable to be Safe
Maximize personal protection with unmatched performance against flash fire and
heat stress. PBI TriGuard® garments resist break open and will not burn, melt,
drip, shrink, crack or embrittle during direct flame exposure. Innovative PBI
TriGuard features a unique rip-stop design and enhanced water repellent
finish that is highly resistant to rips, tears and abrasion, quickly sheds water
and remains service worthy longer. PBI TriGuard not only meets, but
exceeds NFPA standards and expectations, and is a single-layer fabric
triple certified by UL to the latest editions of; NFPA 1951 USAR; NFPA
1999 EMS; and NFPA 1977 Wildland. Since it is lightweight, soft and flexible,
PBI TriGuard provides significantly more moisture movement and is easier
to don and doff than other competing materials.

Performance | Comfort | Durability | Protection | Value

PBI blended fabrics have been protecting firefighters and first responders around the
world for more than 25 years. They have been shown to be rugged, high performance

materials that provide remarkable protection against high heat and flame, yet are so
comfortable they can be easily worn for extended durations.

The tasks associated with being a firefighter are physically demanding. The ability
to move freely, without stress, are critical. Uncomfortable protective clothing increases
stress, diminishes concentration, productivity and efficiency. PBI TriGuard is lightweight,

soft and flexible, and provides significantly more moisture absorbency than other competing
materials. Engineered to wear like cotton, PBI TriGuard is “breathable” and allows air to
circulate around the body. PBI TriGuard minimizes the risk of heat stress injuries, allowing
you to react more precisely with greater safety.

A fabric’s worth is directly related to its durability. If it loses its protective qualities
after laundering, or embrittles and falls apart after exposure to heat and flame, it is
no bargain at any price. Unlike chemically treated garments, the protective qualities of
PBI TriGuard are inherent in the fabric, not applied to it. Protection will not wear off or
wash out. PBI TriGuard is rugged and durable, and retains its soft comfort and protective
serviceability even after countless machine washings. It is abrasion resistant, tear resistant,
and maintains fabric strength time after time.

As first responders, flash fire is an ever-present danger. The unmatched thermal
protection of PBI TriGuard offers maximum protection against the heat and flame of
fire and flashover. PBI TriGuard will not burn, melt, drip, shrink, crack or embrittle during
or after thermal exposure, and provides superior resistance to tears and break-open even
after extended use. Not only does PBI TriGuard help to protect against fire related injuries,
it can also contribute to the elimination of possible ignition sources in volatile environments.

What’s flame resistant clothing worth? In a word, it’s priceless. However, departments
and agencies must take into account its use and acceptability in real world applications.

The fabric must protect, but be durable, comfortable and affordable. PBI TriGuard,
stands up to repeated use and is as comfortable to wear as cotton, and more protective
than meta-aramids. Its longer wear-life and easy cleaning mean garments do not need to
be replaced as often. PBI TriGuard is your assurance that you’ve covered the spectrum
when it comes to personal protection.