Safety Components is a leading North American producer of synthetic fabrics for
multiple aerospace applications. Our current aerospace products are an excellent

representation of our manufacturing flexibility and commitment to quality. We are
the worlds' leading producer of aircraft evacuation slides, Nomex® fabrics for aircraft
seat fire-blocking and specialty fabrics for aircraft vapor barrier and insulation blankets.

Along with composite fabrics for landing gear bearings, fabrics for solid rocket fuel
engines for the space shuttle and fabrics for crashworthy fuel cells for military aircraft.

Coated Fabrics
Safety Components is a leading producer of synthetic fabrics for an array of technical
and commercial coating applications. With highly trained associates, equipped with
the latest in fabric formation technology, we've garnered a reputation for product

quality, product innovation, product diversity, and on-time delivery. These fabrics
are produced for various coating applications ranging from highly technical
aerospace products to commercial boat covers and truck tarps. All products
are produced and tested to each customer's unique set of specifications.

Filtration Fabrics
For over a quarter century, Safety Components has been the leading supplier of
synthetic woven filtration fabrics for both dry and liquid filtration requirements. We
offer the most complete range of fabrics and fabric forming equipment capabilities in
North America. We maintain state of the art equipment, with the capabilities to enhance

the physical performance of a fabric. Dedicated associates are available to service
your needs for spun and filament polyester, spun/filament polyester combinations, spun
and filament Nomex®, polypropylene, homopolymer acrylic and nylon fabrics.

Specialty Fabrics
We are one of the largest producers of precision specialty fabrics in North America
and have built a solid foundation for product quality and manufacturing diversity.
Safety Components was the first technical fabric producer in North America to
become certified under both the QS9000 and ISO9002 programs. We have the
capabilities to manufacture the innovative ideas of tomorrow's specialty fabrics,
today. Our ability and willingness to innovate and explore new fibers and
fabric finishes is a key to our entrepreneurial success on many new products.
Our staff awaits the opportunity to consult and service on your ideas.